about 20x2

20x2 is an ongoing project that exists to showcase the creativity that lurks in each of us. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, web geeks and other bon vivants are asked to take two minutes each to answer the question of the day. The results can be as varied as the emotions and reactions they evoke.

Since the first 20x2 at the South By Southwest interactive conference (SXSW) in 2001, 20x2 has grown to include an ever-expanding pantheon of participants. Show creator Kevin Newsum and collaborative partner Jeff Rider have helped provide the framework for each unique set of performances. Mike Stephens is your host, and Mark Couvillion is technical director. But the real kudos, of course, belong to the many people who have made 20x2 what it is...a reflection of that same dynamic originality that inspires each of us, brought together on one special night...and then repeated in spirit each time we get together.

We'd like to use this space to thank those people who've made this event so special and so rewarding...and thank you for your interest. We hope that you'll join us at the next show, and keep your eyes peeled for future news.

Peace out.


Events and Questions

20x2 version 1.0 (2001): "What Is Interactive?"
20x2 version 2.0 (2002): "What Is Real?"
20x2 version 3.0 (2003): "What RU W8ing 4?"
20x2 version 3.5 (2003): "Who Are You?"
20x2 version 4.0 (2004): "What's the Big Idea?"
20x2 version 4.5 (2004): "What's the Story?"
20x2 version 5.0 (2005): "What's the Word?"
20x2 version 6.0 (2006): "What's the Secret?"
20x2 version 6.5 (2006): "Where am I?"
20x2 version 7.0 (2007): "What If?"
20x2 version 8.0 (2008): "What's the Difference?"
20x2 version 9.0 (2009): "What's It Gonna Take?"
20x2 version 10.0 (2010): "Who Loves Ya Baby?"
20x2 version 10.5 (2010): "Who Knew?"
20x2 version 11.0 (2011): "Why Did You Do It?"
20x2 version 12.0 (2012): "How Did I Get Here?"
20x2 version 13.0 (2013): "What Changed?"
20x2 version 14.0 (2014): "?"