20x2 Chicago: Where Are We?

Are you ready? We are. On April 19 at Schubas, the second edition of 20x2 Chicago will answer the question, "Where are we?" RSVP on Facebook, and see you there! More details on the 20x2 Chicago page.

Inside of Two Weeks!

Today we announce the remainder of twenty. Check @20x2, the 20x2 Facebook Page and here for the latest. This year's show will run the gamut from NASA's Press Secretary to a man I once watched make change from his sock.

What's The Last Thing You Remember?

If you're like me, and not very many people are, you forget things within minutes of hearing them. We are hoping that we can find twenty people that will be able to dig in deep and answer our question in March. We are already more than halfway there and will be announcing speakers in small chunks. We are looking forward being back at Elysium and finding out What's The Last Thing You Remember.

Also, special thanks to this year's poster artist, Matt Skoog.

Has it been a year already?

2013 saw some ups and some downs. You know what we are talking about. One important milestone was the return of the 20x2 crew to Chicago for the first version of the 20x2 Chicago show, led by our favorite 20x2 crew member that lives in Chicago, Andrew Huff. Andrew has a lot of plans for more great shows this year and next and if you are a Chicago resident, be sure to check one out.

Speaking of 20x2, we will be returning to Elysium this March for v.14 of our show. This will be the 18th show we've produced and we feel like we've almost gotten all the kinks out. Ray Davies would beg to disagree. Our question has been chosen and we will be announcing that soon. We will also once again be giving away 1 spot in our 20 to the best entry in our "How would you answer the question?" game outside the game. Check back in the next several days to see the question and some of our first unfortunate dedicated souls that will step up to the plate on March 8th.

Sweet Home, Chicago

Some of you may remember when 20x2 visited Chicago in 2010, answering the question "Who knew?" The show was a hit, and it planted the seed to bring the show back again someday. After many discussions between show creator Kevin Newsum and Gapers Block founder and frequent 20x2 collaborator Andrew Huff, it was decided that we shouldn't just make it another one-off -- instead, Chicago should become the first permanent 20x2 satellite show. The first show is Saturday, Oct. 19 at Martyrs' -- see the new 20x2 Chicago page for details.

Survey Says!

There were a number of terrific entries that folks emailed in, but in the end, there was one that got the nod: congratulations to Joe Perez, this show's 'Tell Us How You'd Answer The Question' winner. Catch Joe's answer this Saturday at Elysium!

What Changed?

Saturday March 9th, during SXSWi, 20 speakers or musicians or actors or comedians or law enforcement or real estate magnates (but no plumbers) will join us on the stage at Elysium to tell us, in just two minutes, "What Changed?".


Would you like to be a part of the life-draining experience that is 20x2?. We are reserving a select few spots on our list this year to applicants who think they've got what it takes to move us in only 2 minutes. Think that you have the perfect answer to this year's question "What Changed?"? Let us know how you would do it and we might just give you the chance. Send your proposal/audition tape/monetary bribe to by February 18th.

Here We Go Again

Every year about this time, the 20x2 website roars back to life. Or purrs back to life. The boys are hard at work getting ready for another fantastic show. We have our question picked and the speakers will start pouring in soon. Watch our Twitter thingy to be notified when the question is announced. See you soon-ish.


We've got just over 24 hours to go until show time, and the nerves have started to settle as we get into full show mode. Our speakers are all rehearsing and getting loose, we've gathered all our gear, and it's almost time to start answering "How Did I Get Here?" If you've made it this far, you've surely seen all the pertinent info regarding time and place, but we're gonna give you a few tips that'll be really helpful. Primarily, get to Skinny's early. We expect to fill the room with folks, so the sooner you arrive, grab a frosty adult beverage and find a good spot to watch, the better off we'll all be. Prepare to be wowed, and bring a pen, as there will, as always, be some audience participation, and a test at the end. Fabulous(-ish) prizes will be on offer, not to mention some fantastic art put forth by 20 of the most exciting folks that Austin and SXSW have to offer. We can't wait to see all of you!

Two Weeks Out

Shit Shit Shit Shit.
The nerves are kicking in. Hopefully our presenters are working on their 2 minutes, and hopefully you are getting pumped up for SXSW and all of it's madness. Local Austinites curse the 2 week influx of skinny jeans, and the addition of an already over-saturated ironic t-shirt wearing, 70's mustache grooming hipster community. The reality is that we here in Austin look forward to this time of year for 11 months and 2 weeks (+1 extra day this year). Well... most of us do. The others usually take this time to drive the kids to a wild game ranch just north of Johnson City. *

Anyhow; we are getting excited about Friday the 9th. Tell your friends and neighbors (except the wildlife park aficionados of course) to come downtown and take in what Roger Ebert called "          ".

How Did I Get Here?

It's a question we have been asking ourselves for at least three years now. And now we are going to give 20 very unlucky participants only 2 minutes to tell us their answer. We are exactly 6 weeks away from 20x2 v.12.0 and South By Southwest Interactive. This post has a plethora of numbers. 11

Now with Friday goodness!

That's right sports fans, in anticipation of the apocalypse, we've moved our regular Monday night standard up by 3 days to make sure we get the show in before any unforseen early arrival of 4 guys on horses. We are thrilled to be working with the great folks at Skinny's Ballroom, a mere 135.43 paces from the Austin Convention Center (based on the average gait of a 5ft. 11in. healthy male), to bring you 20x2 v.12.0. It's sure to not be quite so "Monday."

Let us know you're coming! RSVP at Upcoming or on Facebook.

20x2 v.12.0 Coming Soon

The wheels are in motion for our next show in March of 2012. Get ready for an all new venue, an all new question, 20 all new (well maybe) speakers, and… an all new night?

All we can say at this point is: if you're one of those people that can't go to the show because you have to get out of Austin on the Monday of Interactive, you won't have that excuse this year.

We are pounding the pavement to bring you 20 fresh recruits to answer what is sure to be a challenging question for our 16th 20x2 in our 12th year. That's quite a legacy we've placed into the annals of SXSWi history. Once again, we are proud to be part of the SXSW Interactive Festival and we are looking forward to seeing all our old friends (and likely some new ones) this March.

Mount up!

20x2 v.11.0 Show Recap

We've posted a recap of our show "Why Did You Do It?" on our history page. Included are links to videos from performances from Kent Brewster, Steve Delahoyde and Neiliyo.

20x2 v.11.0 Trailer

View this year's 20x2 Trailer shown at the beginning of our show

The Question

The question for 20x2 v11.0 has been picked. Join us in March for "Why Did You Do It?".

Happy New Year!

SXSW Interactive is fast approaching and recruiting for 20x2 v.11 is heating up. We are still buzzing from an amazing show in Chicago and are really excited to be returning to The Ghost Room on Monday, March 14th for the start of our second decade doing 20x2.

We will be announcing the question for our SXSWi show very soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

One Day Out

We're just a day away from the first ever Chicago-land edition of 20X2, and we couldn't be more excited! This time out, we'll quiz twenty Windy City notables with the puzzler "Who Knew?" Their answers are sure to be as mind-blowing, challenging, original and diverse as the participants themselves. Check out the list of speakers, and if you haven't gotten a ticket yet, you can still score them at, so don't be shy.

Brought to you by the good folks at Gapers Block. The show starts at 8pm tomorrow night, Friday Sept. 17th, at Martyrs. Trust us, you don't want to miss this one.

Who Knew?

In just a little over a month, 20x2 will be landing in Chicago. Recruiting is happening at a furious pace and we're already excited about the line-up for this show. The question for v.10.5 of 20x2 is "Who Knew?" 20 participants will each have 2 minutes to give us their response in their own unique way. How would you answer the question?

Look Out Chicago!

The rumors are true. 20x2 is putting together another mid-year adventure for what will be only our second show to be held outside of Austin. It's been 4 years since we did our show in London and we felt it was time to once again leave the familiarity of home behind. What better place to go than Chicago?

We will be announcing the question very soon, so save the date and come join us for another fantastic evening.

Friday, September 17th, 2010 at 8:00 PM
3855 N. Lincoln Ave.
Tickets are $10 online and at the door
Purchase Tickets

A Word About Our Friend Brad

Brad L. Graham 1968-2010 Magnanimous: he certainly was that. One of the very best things about staging 20x2 lo these past ten years has been the opportunity to befriend some of the effervescent personalities that dot the landscape of SXSW Interactive, and no luminaries shone brighter than Brad Graham, an outspoken advocate of 20x2 from the very beginning. Brad was among the twenty participants of 20x2 on multiple occasions, and one thing we could always count on was his bouyant spirit and wry grin.

To say that he'll be missed by those of us at 20x2 is an understatement. But, then again, to know that the word 'missed' is an understatement is a hearty tribute to a gentleman worthy of the same. Somewhere out there, theater performances are much more interesting. Whether they take two minutes or a lifetime.

Tenth Anniversary Show

20x2 v.10.0 is quickly approaching. This will be, without a doubt, our best show ever. We have exciting things planned and are excited about our new venue for this year. We are being hosted by The Ghost Room, the former home of The Gingerman. The question will be announced soon. Follow us on Twitter to get all the latest news and info.

Ticketing and non-Badge Holders

Our ticketing merchant is down for now. If you are planning on coming to the show Monday night and don't have tickets or a SXSW Interactive Badge, please get to The Parish as close to 6:30 as possible to ensure you can get in. See you there!

Two Weeks to Go

Two weeks out, and what's going on? Plenty. If you've not heard the news (and we're breaking lots of this on Twitter first, so follow @20x2 if you haven't already), Kevin will be on KGSR some time around 7:30-7:45 on the morning of Monday the 16th to talk about this year's show. And speaking of which, there are a number of exciting speakers who are taking part this year, from the creative head of DC Comics (Richard Bruning) to that designer who made those killer sketchbooks that were all the rage at last year's SXSW (Mike Rohde). In between, plenty more to find out about... and the skinny goes to those on the mailing list first!

What's It Gonna Take?

We are only 5 weeks away but the list of confirmed speakers now stands at 14 with many more to be announced soon. We are also hoping to be able to provide live streaming of the show this year for those that can't make it in person. More details on that to follow.

Follow us on Twitter!

In addition to the changes being made here on the site, you can now get show updates through Twitter. Follow us at

Site Being Updated

We are giving the 20x2 site some overdue attention and have been/are adding new functionality every day. One of these steps is to update our content management system so that this news remains country fresh and oh-so-relevant.

You may have noticed random show pictures in the speaker list, a gallery of past shows' artwork (click on the artwork for the current show), the addition of ticket purchasing, the update to donating and the addition of our Facebook group.

Ticketing and non-Badge Holders

Our ticketing merchant is down for now. If you are planning on coming to the show Monday night and don't have tickets or a SXSW Interactive Badge, please get to The Parish as close to 6:30 as possible to ensure you can get in. See you there!

Older News Stories

20x2 happens tomorrow! If you're in Austin, listen in to KGSR 107.1 at 7:10 am, and then 101X (101.5 FM) at 9:25 to hear the latest on the show. See you tomorrow night @ the Parish!

Man how time flies. Is it almost SXSW again? You'd better believe it, and 20x2 8.0 is shaping up to be something special. More surprises to come, but keep your eyes peeled for future announcements. See ya soon back at The Parish!

Clarification: if you read the Austin Chronicle this week and saw the 20x2 show time listed differently than it is on this site, please note that doors open at 6:30 pm, show starts at 7 pm. We always advise getting in early to avoid the jam at the door. See ya tonight!

What's the Unwritten Rule? The Unwritten Rule (which, technically, I guess I'm writing here) states this: send us your question ideas. If you come up with a question that is so great we can't help but use it, we'll offer you one of the twenty spots. It's that simple. Send your question ideas to info (AT), subject line: 20x2 Question Idea. We're always looking for new and interesting questions that beg a world of possibilites and we'd love to hear your take on it. Who knows, you might even get a speaking slot out of it.

Busy on February 15th? In or around Austin? Then join 20x2 for our Post-UK Pre-SXSW party at Progress Coffee. We're taking a look back at the fantastic London show, previewing the upcoming March 12th event at SXSW, and we'll enjoy sets from 20x2 past and future performers Shane Bartell, Darin Murphy and Kacy Crowley. Oh, and we'll buy you a cold one. And we're giving away an iPod. I'm just saying, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye. Special thanks to Shiny Object and Made to Stick.

For the first time ever, we did something genuinely different, yet familiar. 20x2 went halfway around the world to London and brought the show to Soho. Many thanks to our twenty, who answered "Where Am I?" in a variety of truly innovative and provocative ways. Next up? Monday, March 12th at SXSW! For a recap of version 6.5, see the past events page.

That buzz we were talking about? Can you hear it? A very nice send-up in the most recent Flavorpill London regarding the show at Madame Jojo's. And how about Time Out London for good measure? Stop in and see us on Sunday for the show, or ping us about the 'semi-promotional' pub crawl we'll be on in London on Saturday to continue to get the word out. Oy!

We're almost exactly a month out, and some interesting things are happening. The word is getting around. It's getting out that well, getting out on November 19th could mean seeing something exciting, something original. It could mean being there when talents like Gavin Strange take a swipe at two minutes by interpreting our latest query. Even the tireless Andy Budd (who we hope can overcome jet lag to see the show) said some very nice things in anticipation of our initial visit to the Soho scene. And have you ever seen Foundry's work? Wow. The list goes on and on. It definitely won't be boring.

And if you're near London on 19 November, do try to join us at Madame Jojo's. If it's like any of the past 20x2 events, you'll have stories to share for much longer than the sum of their parts.

So it's true. For the first time ever, 20x2 is playing the UK. Check in from time to time to see who's taking part in the showcase, but suffice it to say we're cooking up plenty of the usual creative stew. Two months from today at Madame Jojo's in Soho, London, 20x2 asks "Where Am I?" Can't wait!

A very nice write-up in The Bostonist. Not Quite Twenty Questions, indeed.

Namechecked in the San Francisco Chronicle! Our future hatches Monday night. Also, for the first time ever, 20x2 is hosting a silent auction. Six former 20x2 participants are creating one-of-a-kind shirts based on our six SXSW questions. See:

Alison Headley on "What is Interactive?"
Tim O. Thompson on "What is Real?"
Min Jung Kim on "What RU W8ing 4?
Ethan Azarian on "What's the Big Idea?"
Allison Pickett on "What's the Word?"
Ariel Quintans on "What's the Secret?"

On Valentine's Day, some props from a 20x2 5.0 participant.

Check out the article that came out in today's Daily Texan!

Tell a friend, tell a neighbor, tell a friendly neighbor. Version 4.5 moves back to familiar environs at Tambaleo but mines new ground with a brand-spanking (ever wonder where *that* phrase came from) new question and twenty performances from which to choose. Check back often for additions to the list, but come to the show for special surprises.

Other links from past shows (in no particular order):

Foundry answers "Where Am I?"

Jam Factory answers "Where Am I?"

Josh Benton answers "What's the Secret?" (*10 megs)

The Late Train answers "What's The Story?"

Roger Fort answers "What's The Story?"

Lisa Whiteman answers "What's The Big Idea?"

Heather Champ answers "What Is Real?"

Josh Benton answers "What Are You Waiting For?"

Robert Brochu answers "What's The Big Idea?"