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What happens when you take twenty artists, designers, writers, musicians and bon vivants, give them each two minutes and the same question to answer, and turn them loose before a live audience?

This is the premise of 20x2, a staple of SXSW Interactive that marks its sixteenth(!) show in Austin this March. With each show, 20x2 asks twenty participants to each answer the same question in a two-minute time frame, before a live audience.

One of the most popular evening events at SXSW Interactive, recent participants include Baratunde Thurston (The Onion), Richard Bruning (DC Comics), Mark Zupan (Murderball, the movie), Kent Brewster (Yahoo), Mike Rosenthal (musician) and many other artists and visionaries.

What: 20x2, version 12.0
When: TBA
Where: TBA, SXSW
Free entry to SXSW badgeholders, general public admission price $10